Enhanced E-commerce(EEC) is a Google Analytics plug-in, which gives us the opportunity to get better insights in the shopping behavior of our users.

Below are the steps to configure enhanced e-commerce for Shopify:

  • Go to your Shopify Store.
  • Go to online store>Preferences.
  • Enter Tracking Code in Google Analytics account and then click on save.
  • Click tick the checkbox below the tracking code and click on save.
  • Go to Google Analytics and click on Admin on the bottom left window.
  • Click on e-commerce settings, and switch enable ecommerce toggle on.
  • Click Save.

(Images attached below for your reference)

Below are the steps to Enable enhanced e-commerce:

Go to Your Google Analytics account:

  • Click on Admin.
  • In the view menu, click E-commerce setting.
  • Click the Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting toggle to turn it from OFF to ON.
  • Click Save.

(Images attached below for your reference)

How to get the Tracking code:

  • Go to Admin in Google Analytics.
  • Go to the property settings.
  • Then click on Tracking Info
  • Copy this tracking code and paste it in Shopify.

Implementation for Non-Shopify Clients

This is done mostly via the data layer. The data layer has to be implemented on the website using the steps mentioned in https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ua/gtm/enhanced-ecommerce#cart

 When the data layer has been updated, the GA configuration will be done through GTM. Kindly inform your Account manager/Adyogi POC to help with the same, set up spocs will be able to help out with that.