Smart/ Catalog linked ads are ads that are pulled from the product catalog and are linked to specific product sets. The catalog is refreshed on a daily basis which filters products according to their status (In-stock and Out of stock) and relevant products picked based on product wise performance and user response.

There are three categories of Catalog linked smart ads:

1. Auto smart (AdYogi Categories) - These ad categories are customized by AdYogi. 

2. Category Smart ads - Ads which are linked to a particular category picked directly from the website

3. Custom Categories - These are product sets created manually on Facebook

Types of Auto Smart ads:

Auto Smart Ads
All ProductsThese are selected products from all products category based on traction on the website (No. of Sales or No. of Add to carts)
DiscountedProduct set contains all discounted products on the website
High ValueTop 10% of the products with a minimum set of 20 products on the website
Most ViewedConsists of top 10% of the products with a minimum set of 20 products basis no. of views received for the product in the last 7 days
Top SellingTop 10% of the products with a minimum set of 20 products basis No. of Sales or No. of Add Tocarts in the last 30 days 
New ArrivalsMost recently added products to the website in the last 30 days
Top CategoriesTop 2 products corresponding to the top 15 categories basis number of views for these products
Selected ProductsTop 80% of Most viewed products.
Website Categories/ Category Smart Ads

These are product sets that are linked to different categories present on the website. 

Example - Dresses, Pants, Shirts etc. Category ads are helpful if there is a specific category that is top-selling for the brand.

Custom Categories 

These are product sets that can be created with customized specifications directly on Facebook.

Example - Kids Shirts (2-4 years), Kids Shirts (5-7 years)

Overlays/ Frames
This feature will help you to add overlays to catalog linked ads. There are different types of overlays like Price, Brand, Image and Frames. 

The use of Overlays or Strikethroughs is a good way to highlight Brand, discounted products. Whereas, frames can be used to give your ads a festive touch during any festival season.