Why should you create Video format ads?

Video creatives usually have high engagement and click through rate. We have 2 types of videos that you can create on AdYogi Platform:

1. Single Product Video: Helps you select the best selling product for your brand and create a video. In this case, our platform automatically picks up all the images linked to this product from the catalog.

2. Multi Product Video: Helps when there is more than one best selling product which you wish to promote via single video. In this case the platform will allow you to select different products.

The benefit here is that it allows the user to not only create a video but also customize background templates, music, ad text, font, size etc. of your choice. 

It is preferable to opt for Single Product Video as it directs the user to product page. Therefore we see higher conversion rate here as compared to Multi Product Video the user is directed to category page. Below are some of the top performing videos:

Top Single Product Videos

1. Single Product Video's for Bunaai which is into apparel segment gave an uplift in click through rate which helped in increasing the overall conversion rate.

 2.  Single Product Video creative for Eyewear Labs gave a ROAS of 5X

3. Video creator for Suta promoted top selling product which also included their brand logo in the video. This helped in increasing the relevance score which had an overall uplift in Clickthrough rate.

4. Single Product Video for Blingsutra helped in higher click through rate of 1.7% with a ROAS of 5X

Top Multi-Product Videos

1. Below video for Bunaai helped in showcasing different set of products in a single video with customized background,  music and price. 

2. Multi product Video creative helped in achieving a Click through rate of 3% for a brand called FancyPants

3. Multi Product video for Tipsyfly helped in showcasing several top selling products through a single video which helped in more sales with higher conversions.

5. Lionpolo brand consisted of Pack of 3 T-shirts, these were promoted via Multi Product Video creator with a CTR of 2%

6. Below video for Suta showcased different sarees with color co-ordinated background and music. Also, included price in the video itself which helped in bringing relevant audience to the website with an intent to purchase the product.