Enhanced Ecommerce gives better and more powerful insights into the shopping behaviour of the visitors. Based on the actions that the visitors take, such as visiting the product detail page but not adding anything to cart or making a purchase, various segments can be created and retargeted accurately based on this. It can be used as valuable input for efforts to improve merchandising efforts, conversion rates, and revenue.

Overview: Gives an eCommerce performance overview with revenue, CR, transactions, AOV as well as campaigns, internal promotions, coupon codes and affiliations.

Shopping Behaviour (EE report only): Insights into customers’ shopping activity, namely: viewed product, added something to cart, entered the checkout, and made a purchase.

Checkout Behaviour (EE report only): Drills into the different checkout steps. Allows for analysis of drop-off points in the checkout flow, and makes it possible to create segments based on this data.

Product Performance: Revenue per product, the quantity bought, average price, refund amount, cart-to-detail rate and buy-to-detail rate.

Sales Performance: Transaction ID, revenue, tax, shipping, refund amount and quantity.

Product Performance (EE report only): Lists and how they are performing in terms of views, clicks, add to cart, checkout and revenue.

It helps answer the following questions.

  • How many purchases did I get? We can track purchases in google analytics - this also helps us in reconciling the sales across multiple platforms. 
  • Which products got the maximum number of sales? Product level data - we can see which products are clicked on / viewed the most. - This further helps us in refining our Smart Ads.

  • At which stage are maximum number of people dropping off? We can track the checkout steps and see where people are dropping off.
  • Which of my categories are getting the highest number of sales? We can also find out which categories from the website are getting the maximum number of sales.
  • See how many people purchased after viewing PDP (product details page) page.

For steps to configure enhanced ecommerce for your Shopify store click here.

Please share the access for your google analytics account (View steps here) with us so that we can make the most of this information.