The creative insights page shows the performance of all the ads created on the AdYogi platform. It also shows the format wise performance of these creatives. 

Here are a few useful insights you can gather from this page and the actions that can help in improving the performance - 

  1. Format Wise Performance - In this table, you can see how each ad format (Carousel, Slideshow, Newsfeed, Video etc are performing). Here's how you should be seeing this table - 
    • Depending on the ROAS you should use this table to decide which kind of ad formats you should be creating more ads for. For example: in the image below, we should create a few more Story ads since the ROAS is higher. 
    • We can also find our which formats require updation on the basis of CTR% and ROAS. For example in the sample below, story and smart ads need to be updated.

  1. Creative Performance - This table lists the stats of all the creatives that have spent any amount in the chosen time period sorted by descending order of spend. 
    • Using this table you can see which creatives are spending most and what kind of ROAS and AOV they're giving. 
    • Low AOV creatives - some creatives tend to have lower AOV than others, we will be able to find out the ones that are bringing down the average AOV of the overall account. For eg. in the sample image below, the bottomwear ad should be paused based on the ROAS and AOV. 
    • Ads with low CTR and ROAS but high spend - we should be pausing such ads. This way good potential ads with high CTR will get a higher budget distribution. For eg. in the sample below, the ad Suit sets Apr 15th should be paused based on low CTR% and ROAS.