Why are my conversions recorded in decimal form? What is the significance of this?

The conversions are appearing in decimal form because credit is being distributed across different campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. 

We used to, until February 2020, implement the Last Click Attribution model, which means that the last campaign/ad group/ad/keyword on which a customer clicked before making a purchase, got 100% of the credit for the conversion. 

Now, Google recommends that we use attribution models that distribute credit for the conversion across campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.

It may be the case that someone clicked on an ad from one campaign, and purchased after clicking on an ad from another campaign. In this situation, Google will distribute credit for the conversion between these campaigns. 

For example, in the case of a single conversion, Google might assign 0.4 to one campaign and 0.6 to another, depending on the significance of each campaign to the sale. 

We have found that changing the attribution models improve campaign performance in the long term (30+ days). 

We have also found, as we expected, that the conversion numbers for Last Click and non-Last Click attribution models are identical.

For this reason, we made the decision, on Google's recommendation and after analyzing the evidence, to change the attribution model across all our Google clients.

At the moment, we use one of two attribution models.

1. Data-Driven Attribution-

This attribution model distributes credit (as a percentage of each conversion) across all the touchpoints for each sale. How much is credited depends on past sale data in a particular Google Ads account. An account is eligible for Data Driven attribution if it has had 15,000+ clicks and 600+ sales, for a particular conversion action, for a 30 day period.

2. Position-Based Attribution-


We use this if your account is not eligible for Data-Driven Attribution. Here, 40% of the credit is given to the first click, 20% are distributed evenly across all other touchpoints, and 40% is given to the last click. 

This concludes the explanation of decimal conversions, and the attribution model(s) to which we have transitioned.