The insights section on AdYogi platform gives us a comparison of daily vs weekly metrics basis which helps in optimizing the campaigns further for better performance.

1. Creative Analysis The creative insights page shows the performance of all the ads created on the AdYogi platform. It also shows the ad format-wise performance of these creatives. The frequency at which this section can be viewed is two-three times a week.

Here are a few useful insights you can gather from this page and the actions that can help in improving the performance -

i. Format Wise Performance - In this table, you can see how each ad format (Carousel, Slideshow, Newsfeed, Video, etc are performing). Depending on the ROAS you should use this table to decide which kind of ad formats you should be creating more ads for. 

For example: In the image below, we should create a few more Story ads since the ROAS is higher

ii. Creative Performance - This table gives you a creative level analysis that has spent any amount in the chosen time period sorted by descending order of spend. 

Low AOV creatives - Some creatives tend to have lower AOV than others. For eg. in the sample image below, the Bottomwear ad should be paused based on the ROAS and AOV. 

Ads with low CTR and ROAS but high spend - Such ads need to be paused. This way good potential ads with high CTR will get a higher budget distribution. 

For eg. In the table below, the Suit sets Apr 15th should be paused based on low CTR% and ROAS. 

2. ROAS Analyzer - This section on the AdYogi platform essentially helps us with insights based on the 6 most important metrics that directly contribute to the final Return on Ad Spends. It helps in determining the reasons for the increase/ decrease in ROAS and the next steps to be taken in order to improve the same. This table can be viewed every once a week to gain insights.

Here's how you should be seeing this table-

You can filter it by Daily/ Monthly. In the daily table, we will be able to see the current, yesterday's, last 7 days, and the last 30 days performance and see which specific metric has caused the drop. 

For example- We see a 5% drop in Link click CTR % which means that the creatives either need to be updated or new creatives need to be introduced. Implementing such an exercise with each of the metrics with the help of this analyzer can ensure better campaign performance.

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3. Campaign Analysis -The campaign analysis page shows the performance of all the campaigns running on the AdYogi platform.

Here's how you should be seeing this table – 

We can compare the current week with the previous week for insights on whether we require a new strategy on the basis of the amount spent vs CPS and ROAS. For example: In the image below, Catalog sales Bottomwear is performing poorly as compared to the previous week, and that we should introduce new adsets or replace low-performing ones.

Also, depending on green/ red arrows as shown in the image below we know whether the campaigns need to be paused or kept running or even if it requires more optimization in terms of budget. The same analysis is applicable to the daily table as well.

4. Trends - This section covers top metrics that have a considerable impact on campaign performance on a daily and weekly basis. It helps in providing us with some of the next steps for campaign optimization. It is recommended to view this section on daily basis.

For example:

1. Clickthrough Rate- This metric denotes the number of users who have clicked on the ad. In the table below- we are able to see that as compared to Week 10 there has been a significant drop in CTR which means low-performing creatives need to be updated or new ads need to be created for better performance.

5. Adset Analysis - This view gives us an Adset level in-depth analysis. In the table below, basis the last 7 days we see that Persona Fashion is performing poorly with low ROAS  as compared to other adsets. In this case, we can replace it or pause the same. This table can be viewed on a weekly basis.

6. Real-time data - You will be able to see real-time analysis on the creatives, adsets, and campaigns page on a daily basis. This feature will enable you to assess the performance and the various metrics affecting the performance in real-time.