Why is website flow important?

A good website flow helps in improving the user experience, ultimately leading to better conversions rates. (Click here to get more insights on how to improve the conversion rate)

Here is a list of things you need to check in order to make sure the website is an ideal e-commerce website :

1. Product Page-

- Does your website have a size chart?

- Does it have recommended/related products?

- Implement customer reviews above Recommended Products and keep minimum reviews listed as this gives the user confidence to purchase the product6. Avoid negative reviews on the product page.

- Ensure there are there no Pop-Ups Claiming offers

- Check if there are products under every category

2. Cart Page-

- Remove any extra CTA buttons E.g - About us, Contact us etc.

- Check for social media links that lead the user away from the website

3. Mobile View (Cart Page)- 

- Having a sticky add to cart button on the Mobile view helps achieve higher conversion rates.

4. Checkout Page-

- It is recommended to have COD enabled. Also, if your website has additional COD/Shipping charges then it is advisable to add the same to the product price instead of showing it separately at the checkout which might lead to abandoned carts.

- If you wish to show COD charges separately then ensure you mention it in the text on the landing page of the website.

- Have Guest Checkout enabled.

- Remove any extra CTA buttons from the checkout page

5. Payment Page-

Check if the Payment page has multiple payment gateways

6. Pixel Configuration-

- It is recommended to have a single pixel on the website since it can help in accurate event tracking by creating the most relevant audience without duplication.

7. Others-

- Instead of showing any additional charges extend discounts on the product price

- Show 'Add To Cart' instead of 'Add to Bag'

- Avoid additional options like 'Subscribe' or 'Add to Wishlist'