Different creatives and ad formats tend to perform well for various industries. It is recommended to create ads using several formats for a few days as this helps in understanding what kind of formats work the best for your business. Here are some of the examples for the same:

Apparel -

Carousel - It is recommended to try Carousel of the same category since it allows you to showcase several products at once and also lands the user to the product page. 

Slideshow/ Videos - Since these formats are moving and visually attractive they are likely to capture more attention from your target audience and encourage them to click on the ad.

Healthcare/ Skincare -

Videos ads with eye-catchy and relevant content are recommended for brands into Healthcare and Skincare to highlight their USP by promoting testimonials and showcasing positives by a person who is applying a product to their skin or hair and showing the results that it gave them.

Here is an example of a single product video created by Amrutam’s team.

Accessories -

For brands with accessories like sunglasses, it is preferable to use slideshows as it gives them the opportunity to engage with the audience and communicate the features of their products within 15 secs.

Here is an example:

Jewellery -

Newsfeed format performs well for a brand that is into jewellery. 

For example: Newsfeeds ads have helped Olio Stories with a good ROAS and high Clickthrough rate especially in Story placements.


Feminine Hygiene -

Brands into feminine hygiene should explore Slideshow formats as it is the quickest way to showcase the brand name, 3-4 features of the product and their USP. Ad formats like these have higher engagement and CTR with a ROAS of 1.5X

For Example: PeeSafe rolled out many 15 secs feature videos to the audience with the brand logo, 3 features, brand ambassador testimonials etc. 

Newsfeed format during Sale -

This format tends to perform during Sale since it promotes a single image with a one-liner like Upto 50% off, Flat 20% off. These ads tend to have high CTR and engagement.