What is Brand Search on Google? 

When a user uses your brand name in a search, it shows that the user already knows your brand and is looking to buy your product. This means they directly wish to visit your website, which is why it is important to rank at the top of search results. Since there is intent traffic that is driven to the website, they are more likely to make a purchase.


Why you must consider running Brand Search on Google?

1. To increase the probability of conversions-

With SEO, Google crawls your site and defines headlines, descriptions, and sitelinks on its own, with little control on your end. You can use meta titles and meta descriptions, but your control there is limited, relative to Brand Search ads. Also, you can change headlines, descriptions, and landing pages with a degree of speed that you cannot with SEO.

The relevance of this is that -

a. People who Google your brand without any purchase intent may develop this intent depending on how you present the brand

b. You can highlight discounts and other offers, and market-specific products with price and site link extensions, in ways that you cannot with SEO. This increases CTR and conversion rates.

2. To increase the cost of competitors using your brand name in their keywords-

When e-commerce vendors run Non-brand Search campaigns (where their brand is not among the targeted keywords), they can target other brand's keywords, to market to their customer base. 

For example- If Adidas wanted to target Nike's fanbase on Google, they would have Nike as one of their keywords.

If you run ads targeting your brand name as a keyword, you achieve two things:

a. Low cost per click and cost per sale

b. High CPC for any competitor who might wish to bid on your keywords.

Any competitor who wishes to bid on your keyword will have two problems:

a. High CPC for your brand keyword

b. Ads will have a lower quality score due to discrepancies between keyword and landing page

Similar is the case with Market places. In the case of Aurelia and W Amazon bids most of the time and they also have products of Aurelia and W so here if we are not bidding then chances of conversions on market places are quite high.