Below table should provide an overview of how AdYogi structures campaigns for good results-

Campaign Type What?Targeting OptionsExamples
ProspectsPeople who have never interacted with your brandLookalikesFacebook and Instagram audience
Lookalikes of website and page visitors, events like checkouts, add to carts, purchase etc

Interest Groups

Interest-based targeting e.g. Engaged shoppers

Behavior-based targeting e.g. iOS, High-end devices

Demographics based open targeting

EngagePeople who have engaged with your brand's page/post
Recency of Interaction

1 day audience

3 days audience

7 days audience

14 days audience

30 days audience

Type of Interaction

All audiences who have engaged with the brand e.g. Website visitors, FB page followers, Instagram followers 

Other adsets

Placement on Instagram
Placement on Mobile feed

DynamicPeople who have expressed interest in your productsRecency1 day viewed audience
7 day viewed audience
30 day viewed audience

Type of InteractionViewed but not purchased

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