When advertisers place an order, each advert is reviewed by Facebook and if this does not comply with the policies

then the creative might not get approved.

What kind of products/services often get rejected on Facebook?

a. Weight loss or related products.

b. Treatments for certain body parts, such as skin conditions (e.g. acne), teeth conditions (e.g. yellow teeth)

and hair conditions (e.g. hair loss).

c. Adult products - Sex toys, sexual enhancement products.

d. Promotion of Alcohol.

e. Promotion of Guns.

What are the common cases for Policy violation?

1. The Ad is likely to get rejected if your ad text has any of these below-mentioned points:

a. Using too many emoticons in the ad text or too much text

b. Text that points towards a particular group (Age-wise, race, gender, etc)

c. Use of the words ‘you’, 'your'

d. Profanity or abusive language.

e. The implication of the user’s physical, emotional attributes - don’t be in pain, be free. Are you under-confident

because of your weight?

f. Shocking or sensationalized headings (Example- Overuse of ! or ? etc.)

2. The ad is likely to get rejected if your creative contains any of the following:

a. Measurement tape over anything like hip, fruit, vegetable, etc.

b. Too much of a body show.

c. Images should not contain before and after scenario or shocking content.

d. Videos must not have disruptive images and checkboxes within.

3. Other reasons

a. When the landing page is non-functional

b. If the landing page is not allowing the person to complete a purchase when the objective set is as


Few examples of disapproved ads and measures that can be taken to prevent this:

Reason: The ad text calls out to specific user attribution. Usage of you, your may offend users and may lead to

high negative sentiment.

Corrective step: The ad text should focus on the products instead of users. Usage of words like you and your

should be prevented and give crisp ad text that shows needed information about products and offers.

Reason: Excessive body show

Corrective Step: Change image in the creative

Reason: Usage of tape around the body or any object is not allowed as this is an implication on the user's physical


Corrective Step: Change the image on the ad and focus on giving more information about the product.