Here are the top 10 features of AdYogi Platform-

1. ROAS Analyzer - With the help of this Analyzer you can find the metric which causing the dip in performance.  


Features -

  • Shows a breakdown of ROAS into 6 metrics
  • Comparison of each metric with the previous period of last 7 and last 30 days

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2. Auto Rotate Ad text - Dynamic Ads need frequent updation in Ad text as it retargets website visitors with high frequency. This feature enables you to upload 5 ad texts of your choice in one go and automatically rotates the text on a weekly basis. 

Features -

  • Dynamic Ads that get updated on a weekly basis have 15% higher CTR. 
  • No need to update ad text manually on a weekly basis. Use the feature to upload multiple Ad texts while creating an Ad as this not only saves time in updating the ad copies manually but also improves CTR.

3. Overlays to increase CTR% for Custom ads - This feature on AdYogi platform enables you to place different banners on your adverts allowing you to break the uniformity and grab user attention. Overlays for the festive season can increase CTR% by 20%.


  • Customize your ads using different overlays like Brand, Price, Frame, Image overlays
  • Give a fresh look to your creatives
  • Increases brand recall

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4. Express Update feature - This feature helps you to quickly update multiple ads at the same time.

Features -

  • Update your Ad Text once in two weeks to reduce Ad blindness
  • Use contextual Ad text according to situations like festive, lockdown etc
  • Updating ad texts can increase CTR up to 40%. 

5. Automatic update in custom ads - Automatic update feature excludes all the Out Of Stock products, also reflects price changes at regular intervals. This way you can make sure that users are seeing only Instock products in the adverts with updated regular/ discounted prices if any.

Features - 

  • Out of stock products are automatically excluded.
  • All price changes reflect automatically
  • Makes sure users see the most up-to-date information

6. Exclude low-value products from smart ads - This feature on the platform enables you to exclude low-value products from catalog linked ads and increase overall AOV for the brand by upto 30%.

Features -

  • Only show higher-value products to the prospective customers
  • Use Smart Logics to exclude products based on selling price

(Click here to know how to exclude low-value products on AdYogi platform)

7. Check the region analysis to further refine your targeting - Create specific campaigns with a target audience based on locations with high ROAS but low spends. 

Features -

  • Gives you insights on low performing regions to be excluded
  • Up/down arrows indicate a rise or decline in performance.
  • Comparison view to track ROAS region wise. 

8. Campaign Recommendations - Check the campaign analysis tab to decide on how to optimize budgets between different campaigns that will enable you to plan ad strategies and drive conversions.

Features - 

  • Deeper insights to improve campaign performance
  • Insights on whether to reduce budgets/ pause campaigns for low performing campaigns
  • Arrows in the comparison view help to analyze the week-on-week performance

9. Trends View - Includes important metrics like CTR, landing page, views vs link clicks, purchases, revenue etc. Each metric presented as a day-on-day graph.

Features -

  • Unified view to compare data with important metrics like CTR, landing page views vs link clicks, purchases, revenue, etc.
  • Each metric presented as a day-on-day graph
  • Arrows in the comparison view help to analyze the week-on-week performance

10. Video Creator - This feature is a great way to showcase Single product video and Multi-Product videos. 

Features -

  • High brand engagement and CTR
  • Create ads showcasing top selling products for your brand
  • 20% higher ROAS as compared to other formats

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11.  Creative Editor- This feature allows you to make your creatives more engaging on our platform itself. The creative editor enables you to create single product videos and also upload your custom-made videos to the video library providing you with easy access. Additionally, you can upload custom-made overlays and create templates for your image creatives using this feature.

Features -

  • Helps in increasing user engagement
  • Create custom made videos
  • Take advantage of different templates and custom made Overlays