How to schedule ads on the AdYogi Platform?

On the AdYogi platform below the Advance option, we have a feature called 'Schedule Ad'. This option allows you to activate or pause an ad at a pre-decided time. For example, if you decide to go live with sale midnight at 12 am and you wish to keep it running for 24 hours and pause the same this feature can be utilized. 

1. Click on the toggle option to enable this feature. 

2. Input details like Schedule Date/ End date and time 

What is Auto Shuffle?

Another interesting option here is the 'Auto Shuffle'. For example, you have an ad running with different carousel cards, and if this option is enabled it automatically picks up the card that performs best and shows it first. The same can be disabled when you wish to.

Carousel Last Page URL 

The last carousel page is the last card in your ad which is your page's profile image (usually the brand logo). So when user clicks on this they can land on a specific category page.