What are Select products on the AdYogi Platform?

This feature allows you to pick the products that will be displayed in your ad, you can either continue with the image from the catalog or upload customized images.

1. Carousel/ Slideshow ad-  If you are picking a carouse/ slideshow ad format and have uploaded images, keep in mind that the minimum number of images you can choose is 3 and the maximum is 10. This applies even in the case of Story where if max products limit (3) for Carousel Story is reached you can go ahead and enable Auto-rotate of products in story creative where the images get automatically rotated. This feature helps in avoiding ad blindness in story formats.

2. Newsfeed - Here, you can upload one single image. Upload the product image that will be displayed in the ad, either upload different images for feed and story or use separate images (recommended)

3. Video ad - In this format, you can either pick from the video library or upload customized videos from outside. The recommended Aspect Ratio here is 9:16  Video Size Limit: 250 MB