To avoid audience exhaustion it is imperative to create/ update adsets from time to time. If you notice a particular adset is performing well but over the time the performance drops it means this adset needs to be replaced. Here are the steps to create new adsets on AdYogi platform.

1. Login to

2. Click on Create > Campaigns

You will see a list of your currently running campaigns. 

Go to the campaign in which you wish to create a new adset and click 'View Adsets'

3. You will see a list of currently running adsets in that specific campaign

Now select 'Create new Adset'

3. Select Persona/ Lookalike in the adset type

4. If you choose Adset type to be Lookalike you would also need to select -

    Lookalike size - 1%, 3% etc 

    Audience source - Page, Website, AddTocart 

    Duration - Last 7 days, 14 days, 180 days and click on the plus sign next to it. The audience you have selected should appear below 'Included audience'

6. If you wish to exclude audience > below Lookalike exclusions you will be able to do so.

7. Similarly, if you wish to create a Persona >  Choose adset type as Persona

Below detailed targeting select the persona name you wish to create

8. Next step, allows you to select the placements. If you choose 'Automatic placements' it means you are allowing Facebook to choose the right placement for you to promote the ad. If you wish to customize the same then you can do so. But again, prefer automatic placements since it is best optimized as per performance. 

9. Since your campaigns are optimized in the campaign level, you can ignore the budget option in the Adset page.

If you wish to make any changes in the demographics, age or gender; you can do the same in the advanced settings.

Finally, select 'create adset'.


Once you observe that the audience for an adset has been exhausted, try creating/ replacing the adsets with new ones by following the above process.