It’s a fair question because most of the time a brand is going to rank really well organically for their own brand name, most likely in the top organic position. So why should you pay for ads on a search where you already appear #1 

There are several good reasons to bid on your brand terms, no matter how well you rank organically:-

1.    Control Your Brand Messaging

Paid ads give you an opportunity to craft a message that will grab the attention of your searchers and entice them to visit your site.

2.    Send Visitors to a Different Landing Page

Organic results might not send searchers to the most ideal landing pages. In most cases, when someone searches your brand name on Google or other search engines, they will be sent to your homepage because the first result they see will most likely be your homepage. But, let’s say if you have a promotional campaign running, and you want to send those visitors to a different page then that is pretty hard to achieve organically. With paid search ads, you have full control over where you want to send your visitors, and you can change that whenever needed.

Take advantage of paid ads and send your searchers to your highest converting landing pages.

3.   Positive impression

By appearing in both the organic and paid ads columns, you are proving to your searcher that you are a prominent player in your space.  So, it gives you a better chance of making a good impression

Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery is a good example here. Searching simply for their brand name yields a brand search ad with their site also in the first organic position.

4.    Low Cost, Big Returns

Branded search ads cost very little compared to other types of ads due to low competition and high-quality score. They typically earn a much better return Because branded searches are highly relevant to your brand, they usually get high CTR and good quality scores.

5.   Be on the top forever

You may be on top of the organic rankings now, but there’s no way to guarantee that your site will remain on top forever. A strong paid campaign helps your business to remain on the top of your brand search query.

6.  Capture high-quality leads that are near the point of conversion

People who are searching for your branded terms are already acquainted with your company. Perhaps they’ve heard about you from a friend, researched you in the past, or are even return customers. They know you have what they want and, so there are increased chances of conversions.

7.   Paid Search Ads Help Your Business Dominate the Google Space & increase CTR

An ad in the top position, utilizing all possible extensions, can control half the front page and increase CTR:

  • Sitelinks can drive users deeper into the site
  • Callout extensions help promote additional offers and services such as sales, free shipping, and 24-hour chat support
  • ·         Snippets help users categorize your business

8. Make It Hard For Your Competitors

Sometimes, you may have competitors bid on your brand name with the effort to steal your traffic and customers. If you don’t bid on your own brand name, your competitor’s paid ads will be shown above your organic listings. This could potentially decrease the CTR for your listings, which means less traffic. By bidding on your brand name, you not only show on top of the search result, but also make the clicks more expensive for your competitors as they will have to bid higher to outrank you.