1. What is Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Adyogi Facebook & Instagram Ads is a marketing automation application which takes care of your both Facebook and Instagram ads to provide you maximum returns in the market. The App’s intelligence system helps you deliver just the right ad to the right audience at the right time.

AdYogi Facebook Marketing sets up your Facebook marketing campaigns in just a few clicks in less than a minute. A well devised strategy by Digital marketing experts helps you set multiple marketing Adsets in one click.



2. I have an eCommerce Store. What can I use Facebook & Instagram Ads for?

Facebook & Instagram Ads is a marketing solution provided by Adyogi to automate your  marketing efforts and provide you the best ROAS.

Key Features:

  • Live Catalog Sync on Facebook.
  • Real Time Ad Preview and Ad Text Customization.
  • Auto ad-text rotation to avoid Ad fatigue
  • Catalog linked ad runs on All products/In stock products
  • Helps re-targeting the existing website visitors based on the product viewed and Add to cart abandonment by showcasing the most relevant products. 
  • AdYogi Facebook Marketing distinguishes your website visitors and gets the most return with a polished marketing strategy.
  • Helps you build a relationship with your customers and cross sell your other offerings.



3. What is Dynamic Prospecting? How is it different from General Prospecting?

Dynamic Prospecting is when our app’s algorithm selects, and then targets, people most likely to purchase a specific product which is “in stock” on your website. This is different from general Prospecting, where the desired demographic is manually targeted. In general, targeting people who have never engaged with your brand in any way is called Prospecting. 

Dynamic prospecting is the catalog linked ad which runs with “In Stock” products of your website. This automatically showcases the high engaging products to the users and ultimately results in higher conversions. 




4. What is re-marketing? 

 With re-targeting for dynamic ads, you can remind people about the products they've browsed on your website but didn't purchase. When you re-target people with dynamic ads, people automatically see the products or similar products to what they saw previously. These are people who have either viewed a product (product detail page) on the website or added a product to their cart but did not complete the purchase.



5. Does the app do both dynamic prospecting and re-marketing?




 6. Where will my ads be shown?

The Ads will be displayed on Facebook (including messenger), Instagram and Audience Network.



7. How do I link my Instagram Account to my Facebook page?

Linking Instagram Account to the Facebook page allows us to run ads on Instagram through the brand's Instagram profile and create new audiences.

Following are the steps to link the accounts-

  1. Go to the concerned Facebook Page. 
  2. Click Settings in the top-right of the Page.
  3. Click Instagram Ads.
  4. To add an existing Instagram account to the Page, click Add an Account.
  5. Enter the Instagram account's Username and Password, and click Confirm.
  6. Add screenshot



8.  What kind of campaigns will run? 

 We will be running campaigns with both dynamic prospecting and re-targeting ad sets. With re-targeting for dynamic ads, you can remind people about the products they've browsed on your website but didn't purchase. When you re-target people with dynamic ads, people automatically see the products or similar products to what they saw previously.

We will also be acquiring new users via these campaigns through prospecting besides showing relevant products to the existing people who have visited the website but not purchased.  



9. What should be the budget for my campaigns? 

The budget of your campaigns should be 20% of your current prospect campaigns if you are running prospect campaigns. If no prospect campaigns are running, the budget would depend on the organic traffic of the website.



10. What is a product catalog? Why do I need it?

A Product Feed or a Catalog is a list of your store’s products with information like product photo, price, name, availability etc. This is how Facebook gets access to all the information that it needs to populate your dynamic ad.




11. Do I need to manually upload a product catalog?

No, In the on-boarding process, we have a feature in which can automatically create a product feed. There is no need for any manual intervention on your end. We will create a product catalog for you with our app.



12. How is the catalog updated?

 The Facebook Catalog is updated by puling the products directly from your Shopify Website. Any updates that happen on the Shopify website would become effective within an hour.



13. When will I start seeing results for my campaigns?

 It would take at least 1 week for the campaigns to start delivering results. This is the time period taken by a campaign to complete it's learning process.



14. How long does it take for the campaigns to start spending?

 Once the campaigns and ads are created, they should start spending within 24 hours.



15. What kind of creatives are used in these ads?

 Dynamic Creatives are used in these ads. These are catalog-linked ads, this means that product information (Price, image, name) is fetched directly from the Facebook Catalog at the time of showing an impression. We need to input an engaging Primary Text along with this information for the ad to have a full impact.



16. What is my current targeting for Re-marketing Ads?

 We split the audiences into smaller parts based on the recency of their latest interaction. A combination of the following ad sets is usually targeted.

  • People who have viewed or added to cart but not purchased a product in the last 1 day.
  • People who have viewed or added to cart but not purchased a product in the last 7 days.
  • People who have viewed or added to cart but not purchased a product in the last 30 days.
  • People who have added a product to the cart but not purchased in the last 30 days.



17. What will my ad look like?

Given below are the sample ad previews for some common placements like-


a. Facebook Mobile/Feed



b. Instagram Feed






18. Can I exclude some products from the catalog?

 Yes, products from the catalog can be excluded, but this is an exclusive feature provided by Adyogi. We recommend you to share the products that you wish to exclude to Adyogi team mail support@adyogi.com


Note: Data of all the out of stock products are automatically pulled from Shopify and those products will get auto excluded from the re-marketing ads. 



19. How do I scale the budget in the re-marketing campaigns?

 There are several parameters that you can consider while increasing the budget in these campaigns-


1. Recommend re-marketing campaigns on an ad-set level budget optimization considering frequent budget changes on the ad-set level based on the audience size & frequency

2. Your dynamic campaign ROAS should be more than 150% of your prospect ROAS

3. You can increase budgets if the campaign frequency is less. Recommended frequency up to 3 in the last 7 days for low AOV products and up to 5 in the last 7 days for the high AOV products, considering that the conversion cycle is longer for the high AOV products. 

4. You can also give us the intimation about the benchmark ROAS and immediate scale-up budget once the ROAS met. So that we optimize the campaigns at the right time with better efficiency and results. 



20. Why was my ad rejected on Facebook?

Ads on Facebook get reviewed before they go live. If these ads do not comply with Facebook's ad policies, they get rejected. As long as the product being advertised does not belong to the category which Facebook does not allow, with slight changes, the error can be rectified and the ads can then be made active. 



21. Why has Adyogi created a campaign in my facebook ads manager?

Adyogi automatically creates a campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager when you connect your Business Manager to our app.


This is a system-generated campaign that helps us assess and update your audiences in the campaign. 

It does not interfere with the functioning of your account in any way. We recommend that you let it run to correctly sync your audiences with Adyogi.


 22. Do we promote (boost) instagram posts also?

No, we don't do that. We'll be running the ads on Facebook & Instagram placements but not promote FB or Instagram posts.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact our Support Team at support@adyogi.com