Here are the main reasons why a Merchant Center account will be suspended:

 1. Insufficient Contact Information

Google requires that you provide an email address, phone number and physical location on every page of the site, rather than merely on the Contact Us page. If this is not the case, Google will suspend the Merchant Center.

Add your phone number, email address, and a physical location directly in the footer, on every page of your site. This means that someone should be able to look at the footer, without clicking on anything, and get this information.

2. Domain Redirection

Google requires that the domain you provide in the feed's product page links is EXACTLY the same as the domain people end up on after clicking on the ad. This means that, if the product page link in the catalog is "", then the product page link on the site has to be the same. It can't be "" or "". It must be exactly the same. If not, Google interprets it as an attempt to game the system, which will lead to an immediate suspension.

Mentioned in explanation.

3. Assorted Violations of Shopping Ads policies

These violations include, and are not limited to:
a. Collecting the follow data over "http://" server connections:

  • Usernames and passwords

  • Payment information

  • Personally Identifiable Information

b. Misleading customers into believing they are getting free products, when in reality, the "free" product is available only after purchasing something else.

a. Get SSL encryption for your site i.e. "https://"
b. Make no references to free products on your site: an alternative might be "Get two for the price of one"


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