Below is the list of mandatory columns/ categories that need to be included when sharing the catalog. Please provide a URL for your Catalog. Also, ensure that it is a recurring feed URL or CSV which will help us fetch the data at regular intervals without any interruptions and data mismatch. (Sample format attached below)


The format should be as follows:


  1. id (mandatory) - 

Required for all categories.

Max character limit: 100

Unique ID for the item. Use the SKU if you can. Enter each ID only once, that is, the ID should be unique and there should be no duplicates. Also, this ID should not be a random one. It should be the same as the one on the website.

Example: FB_tshirt_001

  1. title (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

Max character limit: 150

A specific, relevant title for the item. Include keywords, such as brand and attributes. Supported value is open text.

Example: Blue Facebook T-Shirt (Unisex)

  1. description (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

Max character limit: 5000

A short, relevant description of the item. Include specific or unique product features, such as material or color. Don't include promotional text or any links. Use plain text and don't enter text in all capital letters. Supported value: open text.

Example: A vibrant crewneck for all shapes and sizes. Made from 100% cotton.

  1. availability (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

Current availability of the item in your store. Must be written in U.S. English. You must provide one of the following values in this field:

  • in stock - Item is in stock

  • out of stock - Not available in current stock.


  1. condition (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

Condition of the item in your store. Supported values: newrefurbishedused.

Example: new

  1. price (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

Current price of the item. Don't include symbols, such as “$” in the price. Include this entry under “offers”. Format the price as a number, followed by the 3-digit ISO currency code (ISO 4217 standards), with a space between cost and currency. Use a period (".") as the decimal point.

We recommend that you include only one (1) currency in your catalog so customers don't see mixed currencies for products in your commerce channels.

Example: 9.99 USD25.00 EUR

  1. link (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

URL of the specific product page where people can buy the item.


  1. image_link (mandatory)

Required for all categories.

URL for the main image of your item. Follow these image specifications:

  • -All images must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

  • -For Shops on Facebook and Instagram, carousel ads, and collection ads: Product images display in square (1:1) format. The minimum image size is 500 x 500 px. We recommend 1024 x 1024 px for best quality.

  • -For single image ads: Images display at a 1.91:1 aspect ratio. Minimum image resolution is 500 x 500 px. We recommend 1200 x 628 px for best quality.

  • -Image file size limit: 8 MB.


  1. brand (mandatory)

Required for all categories if no manufacturer-assigned gtin.

Max characters: 100

Brand name, unique manufacturer part number (MPN), or Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) of the item. You only need to enter one of these, not all of them. For GTIN, enter the item's UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN.

Daily Deals inventory must also include mpn if brand is provided. Required if no manufacturer assigned gtin.

Example: Facebook

  1. Additional_image_link (mandatory) - 

Use it to add more images. This field will contain the URL for an additional image for your product. Meet the requirements for the image_link attribute with these exceptions:

    1. The image can include product staging and show the product in use

    2. Graphics or illustrations can be included. Submit up to 10 additional product images by including this attribute multiple times

  1. sale_price (mandatory) 

This is your product’s sale price. Meet the requirements for the price attribute. Submit the sale_price in addition to the price attribute with the non-sale price. Accurately submit the product's sale price, and match the sale price from your landing page. 

To enhance the quality of your catalog, you can also include many optional fields for products. For example, item_group_id to create variants. We recommend that you include as many relevant fields as possible to help customers discover your items.

  1. age_group

  2. color

  3. gender

  4. item_group_id

  5. google_product_category

  6. material 

  7. pattern

  8. product_type

  9. sale_price_effective

  10. shipping

  11. shipping_weight

  12. size

  13. custom_label_0

  14. custom_label_1

  15. custom_label_2

  16. custom_label_3

  17. custom_label_4


How to create a Custom API?


1. You can implement the Rest (Representational State Transfer) API with the required coding.

2. It is recommended to use the s3 bucket (amazon web services) for public cloud storage. Ensure the CSV is updated on a regular basis on the s3 bucket.

3. In the testing phase use platforms like Dropbox, Google drive by regularly updating the CSV file.

** Here is the sample format of Custom CSV for your reference -