Requirements and Specifications for Responsive Display Ad-


1. 15 Images in landscape and square format

2. 5 Short Headlines

3. 1 Long Headline  

4. 5 Descriptions

5. Logos (Up to 5 images can be added) 

6. YouTube Video URL (Up to 30 seconds) (Up to 5 videos can be added) 


 Landscape Image

1.91:1 ratio, greater than 600 x 314

File size limit 5120 KB

 Square Image

1:1 ratio, greater than 300 x 300

File size limit 5120 KB


1:1 ratio, greater than 128 x 128

Recommended size- 1200 x 1200

The image should have a transparent background if the logo is centered

Avoid text

The text should not cover more than 20% of the image.

YouTube Video URL (Optional)

Up to 30 seconds video

 Short Headline 

Up to 30 Characters

At least 5 short headlines

  The short headline is the first line of your ad and appears in tight ad spaces. Short headlines may appear with or without your description

 Long Headline

Up to 90 Characters

One long headline

 The long headline is the first line of your ad and appears instead of your short headline in larger ads.



Up to 90 Characters

At least 5 descriptions.

 May appear after the (short or long) headline.

Dynamic Ad Options (Optional)


Price Prefix - Up to 10 Characters

Promotion Text  - Up to 25 Characters