This is the step by step guide for creating a Brand Search Campaign from the Adyogi Platform:

1. Log in to with your registered email address

2. Once you are logged in, you will land on the view shown below. From here, click on the Universal create button on the top.

3. Ad Creation- 

Follow the below steps to create a New search ad:

select 'YouTube Ad' from the ads section. (Note: Search ad creation page is intergated in the YouTube ad creation page)

4. Select Brand Search in the Ad format. Create Expanded/Responsive search ad. Fill Ad name for your reference, it won't get reflected in the ads. Fill out the responsive text ad details i.e Headlines & Descriptions which will be shown as search ads when one searches for the given search keywords  The final URL will be the URL on which you want the users to land when they see your ad. Recommended to have website home/shop page as final URL. 

For more details on creatives- Refer here under the Brand Search section.


5. Once you filled in all the necessary fields, click on create button.

6.  Create a New Search Campaign-

Click on the Universal create button on the top & Once Create window pops up as shown in the below screenshot, select Google Brand Search Campaign under Campaign head.  

7. Once you click on the Google Brand Search campaign button, you will land on the screen as shown below where you will be able to create a campaign & adgroup.

8. Campaign Details: 

Add daily budget you are comfortable spending on your ads. The Minimum recommended budget is INR 1000-1500. Ensure to keep the bidding strategy as Maximize conversion Value for the campaign. 

9. Sitelink Extension Details:

Select "Advanced Options", Toggle On Sitelink Extensions.

Site link Extensions show links to specific pages of your website. Ensure to add at least two Sitelink Extensions and save it i.e two performing categories/products with descriptions and respective landing page.

Once Campaign details & Sitelink extensions are added, Click on "Create Campaign"

10. Adset Details:

Click on "Create New Adgroup"

Enter Adset Name & Brand Name in the search keywords box and click on 'Add' button to get them added. Ensure to add the search keywords starting with '+' Example: +Aurelia, +aurelia +kurtas etc.
Enter Negative keyword/terms on which you don't want to trigger your ads. Negative Keyword Field is Optional.
Click on "Create Adset". 

11. Click on "Populate ads" and Select the necessary ads which you want to populate and click on 'Populate'