In smart shopping ads, product titles act as keywords that trigger the ads. Hence, it's imperative that the titles are optimized in order to achieve good results. The product titles should include Brand Name, Product Type, and attributes. For Example - Zara Women's Dress, Black (Size M).

Here's how product titles and descriptions can be edited from the Adyogi platform -

Edit Product Details -

Steps for Overriding Titles and Descriptions-

 1. Go to Catalog > Products

 2. Click on the pencil icon on the right side of the product title details and insert overriden title.

 3. Click Save


In order to override description or product image-

1. Click on the pencil icon on the right side of the product details.

2. Scroll down to product description or image on the product details page

3. Select the override default option, add a new description or upload the new image and save.

Using CSV (for bulk updation)

 1. Go to Catalog > Products Section in the Adyogi Platform.

 2. Click the download button for Downloading the Catalog CSV.

3. In the CSV in the highlighted columns, update the Google title for shopping and override description.


4. After updating the file, save it and re-upload the file in Catalog > Products Section Upload button, se3lect the file and click Save.

5. Similarly, if bulk images have to be updated, override default image link column can be used in the CSV.