What is Facebook Ad Library & Why to use it?

Facebook Ad Library is a collection of all the ads live across the Facebook platform.

You can use the Facebook Ad library to Research, Analyse the ads of your competitors and find the best ads that are working for them and you can use them as a reference.

How to see the ads on FB Ad Library?

It's simple. 

Go to Google >> Search 'FB Ad Library' >> Click on the First Link (or just type facebook.com/ads/library into your browser address bar >> Choose the Ad Category to 'all ads' >> Write the name of the brand whose ads you'll like to see/use for reference >> Enter

You can choose to see more details of the ads by clicking on "See Ad Details". This will include information like the start date for the ad, the platforms the ad is on (i.e. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and/or Audience Network), as well as if the ad has multiple versions running.

Other Important Filters on FB Ad Library:

There are, in fact, various other filters available in the FB ads library. You can refine your search by putting up filters like Country, Platform, and Impressions.

The Impressions filter can help you understand which ads have received impressions during a specific period of time.

We believe all this information can help a brand significantly to make better and refined decisions. It is always good to look at your competitors, understand their strategies, and then use this information to adjust and strengthen your own ads.

Benefits of using Facebook Ad Library:

1. Give your creativity a whole new level:

We understand that it is too much work coming up with something creative every time. But if you've multiple references, you can use them all and come up with something original.

2. Stay in touch with 'Trends':
Today the world is full of following different trends. While it is not possible to be informed about all and every trend, FB Ad Library can come in handy in identifying them. You can then use it in your own original way & shine.

3. Take Ad-text references:

Generally, when we talk about FB Ad Library, we only think about taking references from the type of creatives used by our competitors. But that's not it! You can also take references of the type of Ad-texts they are using.

4. Explore International Market:

With the ''Country' filter available, we can explore what kind of ads work internationally in different countries. We can also take references from the brands that are hugely popular in a particular country and look at the kind of ads they are running there. And voila! We can come up with something similar and improve our online market internationally.

Link for Ads Library: https://www.facebook.com/ads/library