Dynamic ads help us retarget the audience who have shown a good amount of interest in our products. It basically reminds users about goods or services they have already viewed or added to the cart. This gives us a clear picture that the user is interested in our brand and product & we just need to give them a little push to get that conversion.

On the other hand, Engage is also a retargeting campaign. However, we can include not only the View Content & Add to Cart audience but also the website, page, Instagram, purchase audience, etc.

Where should we run Conversion_Engage_DynamicCampaign?

Usually, we run Dynamic Retargeting Campaign with catalog-linked ads. However, it is not possible sometimes to run catalog-linked ads for clients. This could be because of a number of reasons:

-- Smart Ads giving a poor performance.

-- The catalog images are poor.

-- The brand has products with high AOV and catalog images are not justifying the price.

-- In Health & Wellness industries where the catalog images are just some basic looking bottles, boxes, etc. 

Under such circumstances, we can run Conversion_Engage_Dynamic campaigns. Here, we keep the audience size very exclusive and thus it helps us retarget our most likely to be converted audience with ease.

How to create a Conversion_Engage_Dynamic campaign?

Step 1: Go to Create > Campaign > Create a new campaign

Step 2: Select Engage > Conversion > Name it Dynamic > Do not set the budget at campaign level > Create my campaign

Step 3: Create 2 ad sets:

-- VC/ATC 7 Days

Audience Inclusion: View Content 7 Days + Add to Cart 7 Days

Audience Exclusion: Purchase 7 Days

-- VC/ATC 30 Days

Audience Inclusion: View Content 30 Days + Add to Cart 30 Days

Audience Exclusion: Purchase 30 Days + View Content 7 Days + Add to Cart 7 Days

Audiences are excluded, so as to avoid overlapping.

You can also consider creating 1 Day ad set if you have really high traffic on your website on an everyday basis. (In this case, audience inclusion will be VC+ATC-Purchase 1 Day)

(Ideally, you should have 7 Day & 30 Day ad set only).

Case Study:

We've seen a really good response out of this campaign for various clients across various industries. Below are some examples:

1. The below screenshot is from a campaign we ran for a brand associated with Education Industry. While Engage campaign gave us a ROAS of 3.61x, Engage_Dynamic Campaign delivered a whopping 5.2x.

2. The second screenshot is from a campaign we ran for a Table Decor brand. Since their catalog size was small (>10 products), we tried running the Engage_Dynamic campaign for them. It worked extremely well for them giving them a ROAS of almost 3x.