What is retargeting? 

Retargeting is showing your ads to audiences that have already interacted with your brand before. These audiences can be the audience that has visited your page, Instagram profile, website, viewed a product, added the product to cart but didn't check out. etc. 

Types of retargeting campaigns: 

1. Engage: To retarget the audience that has previously interacted with the brand. 

-- Can include website, page, Instagram, view content, etc. audiences.
-- May also include the purchase audience in a separate ad set to retarget the customers. 

-- A separate customer database audience can also be added to improve the quality of the customer ad set depending on the customer database size. Steps here

2. Dynamic: To retarget the view content audience and cart abandoners by showing them the same product they've seen or left in the cart. 

Difference between the two: 

Base Engage Dynamic 
Campaigns objective Conversions or Catalog sales.Only catalogue sales.
Product set: in-stock or dynamic. 
Audiences Page, Instagram (profile as well as shopping), website, view content, add to cart, purchase, customer data, etc.
Time range 1 day - 180 days (recommended to keep it broad) 
View content and add to cart.
Time range: 1 day - 180 days
(Recommended: 1, 7 and 30 days to start with) 
Ads Can populate custom as well as smart ads Only dynamic ads can be added.
CPM Higher than prospect due to low audience size.
Higher than prospect due to low audience size.

> Both of these campaigns tend to have a relatively higher CTR because the audience in this case is already familiar with the brand.

> Generally has a lower cost per sale.
> The recall factor generally also adds to the better ROAS in these two campaigns. 

> Helps in reaching out to the audience who have shown an interest in the brand and its products. 


1. It is not recommended to run dynamic campaigns in the case of the healthcare & wellness industry - it's because the catalogue image is relatively plain and doesn't appeal to the audience in most cases. In this industry, it's also recommended to communicate the benefits and uses via a customised image or UGC videos. More details here

2. Running a dynamic when the catalogue size is too small. 

2. Please ensure that ads in the engage campaign are shuffled regularly. Sanity check every 3-5 days is recommended.