Catalog Sale Campaign is a catalog-linked campaign where you just need to select a product set (It could be AdYogi Category or Website Category) & get your campaign running. You can also customize your ad here with different overlays and ad formats. 

Steps to Create:

Step 1: Go to Create > Campaign > Create New Campaign

Step 2: Choose Campaign Target Setup to 'Prospect' > Campaign Objective Setup to 'Catalog-sales' > Set the Campaign Name > Set the Budget

Step 3: Click on 'Advance Setting' > Choose Category Type > Select the Product Set > Create my Campaign

Difference between AdYogi Category, Website Category, & Custom Category:

AdYogi Category is the special category where you get to select product set such as Top-Selling, Most Viewed, In-stock, All Products, Discounted, New Arrivals, etc. AdYogi fetches the algorithmic data from Facebook & maintains them in these product sets. 

Website Category fetches data & categories directly from your website. This helps us in pushing the products Category Wise. 

Custom Category, as the name suggests, is a custom-built category. These are the product sets created manually on Facebook.

Important points:

>> (Once the campaign is created, you can create the ad sets like usual. There is just one addition. In the 'Advance Setting', you will have to choose 'Product Category' & 'Product Set'. It should be the same that you chose when creating the campaign).

>> (You should first create the smart ad of the product category + product set you are about to set in your Catalog Sales campaign).

Benefits of Creating Catalog-sale Campaign:

1. You get to try different ad formats.

2. A number of overlays & frames to choose from.

3. Catalog Sale Campaign works amazing for Apparel, Footwear, & Home Decor industries.

4. You can use the Website Category Product Set to focus on any category you want to push more.

5. There will be absolutely no tension to create custom ads.

6. Facebook uses its algorithm & displays the ads of the products which are most likely to be converted.