A traffic campaign, as the name suggests, is a campaign that drives traffic to your website, application, any landing page of your choice, etc. The sole aim of this campaign is to generate cheaper traffic & is designed to drive people to your website or app.

The logic behind running Traffic Campaign:

When the brand is very new and the audience is unaware of the brand, it is always better to run a traffic campaign with brand awareness ads to reach larger traffic at a cheaper rate.

Even if the brand is old and needs reviving, one can run Traffic Campaign to meet their desired result.

Why Traffic Campaign?

> It helps in driving traffic to your website at a cheaper rate. The cost per landing page view is generally 1-2 Rupees only.

> Once the audience comes in contact with the website, they can be re-targeted using the conversion campaigns.

> It helps in boosting your brand to your target audience.

> Traffic campaign helps in increasing the ad recall lift.

How to create Traffic_Prospect_Campaign?

Step 1: Go to Adyogi Platform Dashboard > Create > Campaign > Create New Campaign

Step 2: Select the campaign objective as "Traffic" > Target setup to "Prospect" & fill in other details similar to other campaigns.

Step 3: Give the campaign a budget of 300-500 a day (in case you're running with a lower budget) or 1000-1500 a day (in case you're spending a good amount).

Step 4: Create the campaign

Step 5: Create one/two ad set under this campaign:

> One open targeting (Persona Demographics, Persona Clothing, Persona Engaged Shoppers, etc) (Only in case, you are running campaigns in Global Market. Do not have Open Targeting for Indian Market as it will bring irrelevant traffic to your website).

> One detailed targeting (Persona Jewellery, if it is a jewelry brand) (Persona Tea, if the brand is selling tea products), etc.

What kind of ads are to be populated in Traffic Campaign?

Since the primary objective of the Traffic Campaign is to drive traffic to your website/application, we recommend creating ads related to brand awareness.

> The ads should speak of the brands & be visually appealing.

> The ad should highlight the USP of the brand & focus on the topic that what makes their brand different from others.

> Since video ads are flexible format when expressing a number of emotions, we recommend running video format ads.

Case Study:

> Before running Traffic Campaign:

The below highlighted campaigns are of a western apparel brand for women. The brand was almost a start-up & the performance was not going well for them. We also received multiple queries from the client that the traffic on their website is 'super low'.

After running Traffic Campaign:

> That's when we started the Traffic_Prospect campaign for them with INR 300 daily budget. Not only the traffic on their website rose up, but also there was a significant increase in the performance (as you can also see below).


NOTE: Please note that since Traffic Campaign is optimized for Landing Page & not conversion, you might not get any 'Add to Cart' or 'Purchase' from this campaign. So do not worry even if the campaign keep on spending budget with 0x ROAS.