Kindly refer to the following steps to create New Google Analytics Account, Property & View:

  • Login to with a mail id under which you want to have GA
  • Fill in the Account name as your brand name. Here you can type in an account name of your choice.
  • And leave the ‘Link this account to your organization’ as unchecked if you don’t have an Analytics Organization to link with.
  • Click on Next.


  • Click on ‘Next’ if you only want to measure a website and website is selected as default.

  • To set up Property, fill out website name, website URL. Select relevant industry category and Click on ‘Create’

  • Tracking code – Copy the tracking code from the property settings & paste it into the HTML of every page of the google store website, immediately after the opening <head> tag. Once you add this code to your website pages, Google Analytics will be able to measure user behavior on your site and send the data back to your Google Analytics account

How to create a Universal Analytics Property when GA4 is default?

  • Sign in to Google Analytics, go to Admin and click on the 'create property' button.
  • Enter your property name, choose the time zone, currency and then click on 'show advanced options'.
  • Once the new screen appears, toggle on the Create a Universal Analytics Property
  • Then enter the website URL and choose how you want your property to be created.
  • If you plan to use both GA4 and Universal Analytics, choose the first option. If you only want to work with Universal Analytics, then choose the second option. Refer to below image.

Create a new view for an existing Universal Analytics property in your account.

  • Sign in to Google Analytics.
  • Click Admin, and navigate to the account and property to which you want to add the view.
  • In the VIEW column, click the menu, then click “+Create” View.
  • Select either Website or Mobile App. 
  • Enter a Name.
     Use a specific and descriptive name, so you can easily tell what data is in this view when you see the name in a list.
  • Select the Reporting Time Zone.
     If your Analytics account is linked to a Google Ads account, the time zone is automatically set to your Google Ads preference, and you won’t see this option.
  • (For User ID Enabled Properties only) Click the toggle ON to create a User ID view. For a reporting view, leave the toggle set to OFF. 
  • Click Create View.

Note: You can add up to 25 views to a property. You need the Editor role to add views.