The Performance Max campaign type utilizes a mix of provided assets and machine learning to help brands generate sales. The campaign type has a broad reach across Google, reaching customers on Search, Google Discover, YouTube, the Google Display Network, and Gmail.

The creative requirements (independent of a catalog, which will be obtained separately) are as follows:

  1. 3 Headlines, under 30 characters in length

  2. 1 Headline under 90 characters in length

  3. 2 Descriptions, under 90 and 60 characters in length, each

  4. 3-5 YT Video Links, of about 15-30 seconds in length

  5. 5 Square Images: 300x300  (Max. size per image of 5 MB)

  6. A least 1 Landscape Images: 600x316 (Max. size per image of 5 MB)

  7. 5 Portrait Images: 480x600 (Max. size per image of 5 MB)

  8. 1 Logos: 1 Square Logo @ 300x300 (Max. size per logo of 5 MB)

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