As new onboardings for IG shopping have been put at a halt by META, the migration plan is in progress for the clients that already have IG shopping enabled. With regards to the requirements, manufacturer’s information (address of the manufacturing unit) and country of origin as the two most important data which is required for all the clients where IG shopping has already been enabled for over a while, accounts failing to do the same by 31st Jan’22 run the risk of getting the IG shopping completely disabled till further guidelines are put in place by META. 

Benefits - IG shopping helps in increasing the conversion rate 

Step 1- Identify which catalog is synced with the IG shopping 

  • In case the catalog being used is the same linked to our dashboard - Go to catalog>>Catalog configuration>>add country of origin and manufacturer’s info under the Product details option  

    Step 2 - (Via supplementary feed option)

    • In case a different catalog is synced with the IG shopping ad account then - Go to the Commerce manager > Data sources > Setting

    • Click on Replace schedule and download the feed

    • Open the CSV and copy Column A which contains the Product IDs

    • Paste the same in Column A on the supplementary sheet format shared internally with the team and add the additional information such as country of origin (IN for India) and manufacturer’s information that has been shared by the Client.

    • Save the CSV and upload the same to the Commerce Manager> Data Sources >  Settings > Add Supplementary Feed. The main objective of supplementary feed is to add additional feed information. This need not be confused with the main feed.