Have we ever thought why some products occupies top placement in Amazon searches while other struggles to be in the race. In other words, why some products gets good amount of clicks and sales while others don’t?                                                                 

This whole complex Amazon ranking system leaves sellers scratching their heads what to do to get the desired results or in similar to high performing products. Here’s a solution to that. Product listing optimization is one of the major factor that contributes to the successful product listing.


What is Amazon Product Listing? Why its optimization is important?

Amazon Product Listing contains all the necessary details that a customer needs to know about the product. It includes Product Title, Product description, Features, images, videos, customer reviews.

Amazon product listing optimization is required to get traffic and conversion and also considered as crucial tactic to rank your product on the top. Additionally, a good advertising strategy including keywords and product targeting helps you achieve the business objective.

Few Parameters to optimize your listing are:

  1. Product Title- Character limit ranges from 100-150. Potential keywords should be included to improve CTR%
  2. Product Description- A blend of both creativity and optimization helps to sell more. Give descriptive and factual information highlighting the features. Information like- Brand name, model number, series should not be missed. Max length is 250 characters.
  3. Product Features- Use bullet points not more than five to write the features. Include keywords.
  4. Number of Product images+ Quality- The sweet spot is 6 images but 62% of the top products have 6-8 images. The product shots should be clear, focused and well lit & occupy 80% of the space with no texts. Specs- Jpeg file with 72 px/inch along with minimum size of 1000 px.
  5. Videos- Videos can be added through A+ content manager provide you are brand registered. It helps in convincing shoppers to make purchase. No texts to be mentioned in videos.

There are 3 types of videos that one can create.

  • Product highlighter video- Complete focus of video is on the product with 360 view.
  • Product Demo video- This is used to explain the USP of the product with a script.
  • Customer experience video- These videos gives realistic helps shoppers to comprehend the product.  

            Specifications: Aspect ratio- 16:9, Ideal Resolution- 1280x720, Video recording should be in  

            RGB color profile with 300 DPI, Format (MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP).

What impact does it have on customer decision journey after product listing optimization?

We all brainstorm on Consumer decision journey, yes it is a complicated process that gets simple with product listing optimization. To scale the brand sellers have to focus on four areas of improvement:

  • Availability- Availability of right product mix (inventory), and Buy box button. Even the best collection of keywords, images and videos can’t help you scale if product listing gets suppressed due to above factors.
  • Findability- Amazon ranking algorithm findability is an important factor which is possible through organic or advertising. Evaluating the most relevant search terms and adding them to product title, description, and features shall improve the same.
  • Conversion- Conversion likely to happen if the above the fold content (title with relevant keywords and images) looks promising which pushes the customer to below the fold or close to final conversion. A+ content, customer reviews have great impact on buying decision.
  • Post Purchase- Post purchase service and customer satisfaction is one aspect that needs great attention and has the ability to make or break the brand. Repeat customer is one metric that measures customer satisfaction


Amazon being the largest online retailer in the world it’s important for the advertiser to pay detailed attention to its product listing to match their unknown algorithms. Also, it gives an opportunity to stand out against millions of competitors. As per the survey, Amazon around the globe is used to search for products 3 times as often they do Google. Amazon updated its A9 algorithm with some interesting changes and the only difference is that now it focus more on product relevancy than the PPC or sponsored links. Putting consumer first has always been the Amazon’s first priority due to which product relevancy is now given the top position but that doesn’t mean PPC loses its importance in any way.


Lastly, the way you present your product on Amazon and customer experience decides the future of the brand. The idea is to provide all the relevant information to make customer feel confident and connected to add to cart and therefore by your product.