Facebook’s core feature to help determine the best creative is Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO), which automatically tests multiple variations of a single ad. Dynamic Creative Optimization selects the best elements to put into an ad based on audience segments to deliver in real-time the right ad, right copy, right audience, right time, right language, the right placement, and right device. 

DCO offers both creative delivery at scale as well as testing with endless experimentation. All without human intervention are required to drive continuous testing and optimization. It’s also possible to enable language testing through DCO to deliver the most efficient language based on performance.

By running DCO, Facebook has control over which creative is served. Also, it can more quickly optimize a high volume of creative combinations versus just running many ads per ad set.

Before the introduction of this feature, you had to create fully formed ads individually and test them manually to find the most effective ad creative and the best ad-to-audience fit. Dynamic Creative automatically randomizes ad variations for you, making it easy to show the right ads to people.

Facebook lets you use up to 30 creative assets, including five title/headline variations, 10 images or 10 videos, five text variations, five descriptions, and five CTA button variations. Currently, you can’t mix image and video creatives.

A point to note here is, one should not be using DCO ad for a category. For Health and wellness clients, it can be used where the product count is less. However, an ideal way here is dedicating a separate campaign to this very ad format, having 1 or 2 adsets an switching the dynamic format creative toggle on!

Benefits – Dynamic Creative Optimization makes it easy to:

Find high-performing combinations of creative components for your campaign and drive performance

Launch ads with multiple combinations of creative assets quickly

Deliver the best creative for each campaign audience and ad placement

When to Use Dynamic Creative Optimization

Since Dynamic Creative only works with Traffic, Conversions, and App Installs campaigns, it’s best to use it for remarketing campaigns in the middle and the bottom of your sales funnel. For instance, if your eCommerce business sells physical products, you could create a campaign offering a price incentive (a discount, for example) that features product-based ads.

Using DCO feature, you could test multiple product images, including ones in a lifestyle environment, alongside multiple copy variations and headlines. Shop Now would be the most relevant CTA so you wouldn’t need to test multiple CTAs.

Another use case for Dynamic Creative is at the bottom of your sales funnel. Remarket to people who have visited your website. Whether you’re selling products or services, you can use Dynamic Creative to test multiple testimonial copy variations, as well as different product/service images. Using testimonial-based ad copy at this stage of the sales funnel builds trust and demonstrates social proof that re-engages your ideal customers, and gets them to revisit your website and convert.

Have at least 6-10 ad copies. 3-4 videos/images. Use single image and single video only.

How to  create DCO Ads?

  1. Go to the Create section, then go to ‘Ads’ tab there.

  2. Then click on the Create button, then Custom Ad.

  3. Click on feed as the placement, and under ad format, choose DCO.

  4. Fill in the other details like ad name, tag name.

  5. Enter 5-5 Ad texts, Descriptions and Headlines.

  6. Use the CTA URL specific to the product/category the ad is for for example, product page for single product DCO and category page for category specific DCO.

  7. Then choose the products DCO ad is made for.

  8. Then click on create my ad, your ad is ready to go live!

  9. Populate the same in the concerned campaign.