This is the step by step guide for creating a Discovery campaign and ads from the Adyogi Platform:

1. Go to the Universal create button on the top and select Google Discovery Campaign under Campaign head.

2. Select the campaign objective (prospect/engage). If the discovery campaign is for a specific category, add the category name in the campaign name. Set daily budget & Bid Strategy for the discovery campaign, and click on ‘create campaign’.

3. To create a new Ad group for the discovery campaign, select 'create adgroup’. 

4. Click on "Select audience" and add relevant audiences to the target from Custom Intent, Lookalike, Inmarket and Affinity. Select "gender". Give "Audience Name". Click "Save"  

5. Give "Ad group name"

6. Click on "Create Ad Group". Then "Finish and Go Back"


The following are the steps to create Discovery Ads from the Adyogi Platform:

1. Go to the creatives page under create section in the Adyogi Dashboard, Select Facebook as a platform and click on three dots under actions of the specific Fb Custom carousel ad and select the “Populate ad into Google campaigns” option. Kindly Ensure to always populate the best performing Fb custom ad into Discovery Ad. Both Newsfeed & Carousel ad formats in Fb can be used for Google discovery ads.

2. Select the Discovery Campaigns and click on populate. Here you can populate the same ad into multiple campaigns/Ad groups.