1. Go to the Universal Create Button on the top and select Youtube Campaign under the campaign head.

2.  Select the campaign objective (prospect/engage). If the YouTube campaign is for a specific category, add the category name in the campaign name. Set a daily budget & Bid Strategy for the discovery campaign, and click on ‘create campaign’.

3. To create a new Ad group for the YouTube campaign, select 'create new adset’. Add relevant audiences to target. add adgroup name and click on create Adset. Here you can create separate adsets for custom intent, Lookalike & In-market Audience type under a campaign.

Creation of New Custom Intent Audience:


1. Click on 'create a new ad group' & select custom intent as audience type.

2. Select from Custom Intent, Lookalike, Inmarket or Affinity

3. Click Add beside the audiences

4. Provide an Audience name

5. Click on ‘Save’  & Provide an Audience Name 

Use the audience in targeting.

How to create Youtube ads: https://adyogisupport.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/48001180031