Top moderation rejection reasons:

Avoid these top rejection reasons to help ensure your Sponsored Brands video ad is approved in moderation:

1. Black or empty frames at the start or end of videos. Don’t waste your chance to engage shoppers by using black or empty frames.

2. Video is abruptly cropped at the maximum video duration. Abrupt edits can result in an incomplete video and a poor customer experience.

3. Video includes Amazon branding elements. Amazon trademarks, products or references to Amazon products or services are prohibited.

4. Video includes customer reviews. Customer reviews (including star ratings), even if these reviews are on Amazon, are not permitted.

In addition to meeting the above technical specifications, video ads must meet the following criteria. Videos that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted:

1. Critical content within the video (such as on-screen text) must not obstruct the user interface unless the video is without audio. To ensure your video meets this guideline, refer to the following safe area template:

2. All on-screen text must be a minimum of 30 pts and be legible.

3. Letterboxing/Pillar boxing: Videos should not have black bars on any side of the video content.

4. Videos must be in the language of the locale in which it is displayed, be easily understandable and clearly identify the brand or product promoted.