What is match percentage?

Match percentage shows the percentage of times your product IDs have been matched during dynamic remarketing. 

Match percentage = (number of matched hits/number of total hits)

Why is match percentage important?

Dynamic retargeting campaigns show the audience the exact same product retargeting that they've viewed on the website or added to the cart (but not purchased). This is determined by the product ID captured via the pixel events 'View content' and 'Add to Cart during the visits. 

A low match percentage would mean that the retargeted audience is not being shown the exact same product. This can deteriorate the performance of dynamic campaigns. 

How to check the Match percentage?

1. Log in to the commerce manager using the link here

2. Select a catalogue. 

3. From the left-hand side menu, select 'Events'. 

4. Click on the correct pixel.

5. Navigate between views and add to cart tab to check your match percentage for both pixel events. 

6. Click on 'See affected URLs' to see all the URLs with unmatched hits. 

Reasons for the low match percentage? 

- Pixel is not firing. 

- Content ID is missing from the catalogue. 

How to improve the low match percentage? 

- Pixel: In case of pixel events not firing or misfiring, the configuration needs to be checked. For Shopify, you can go to the online store > preferences > scroll down to find pixel and check if the pixel ID is correct and is connected. 

In the case of other platforms, reach out to your developer for the configuration. 

- Content ID is missing: The content ID of the product on the website needs to be the same as the content ID being sent in the catalogue. In case of this issue, the ID in either of the two sources needs to be updated.