Making sure that every piece of content on your product page (s), whether it be text or media, is presented in the most appealing manner possible can help you draw in Amazon customers and increase traffic and conversions through AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) campaigns.

  1. Product Listing

Effective listing helps a potential customer to consider one's listed product. Think of an offline shopping experience and try to add all angles to the online one. Refer to this article for the best practices.

  1. Brand Store Page

It is a free content feature for vendors and sellers that lets one create one’s own branded online store on Amazon and showcase a collection of your products. Think of it as someone physically visiting a store to purchase something but ends up buying a lot more. Refer here for the best practices.

  1. Product Stock Availability

Keep your FBA inventory well-stocked at all times. You should put this first as a seller. It is your responsibility to make sure that your customers can access your products whenever they need them. When you run out of a product, it gives the wrong impression that you can't meet a customer's needs quickly.

Example of Stock unavailability

Example of enough stock

  • Make sure there are enough supplies of your goods available.

  • To prevent your organic rankings from being impacted, keep regular stock.

  1. Customer Review Ratings

A product's usefulness and quality are solely determined by the reviews and ratings given to it. Here, sincere testimonials left by previous clients serve as a declaration of proof. You'll find it fascinating to learn that 90% of people who shop online only make a purchase after reading the reviews.

Example of a bad Rating

Example of Good Rating

  • Never compel a customer to post a review.

  • Do not demand that a customer only submit good feedback.

  • You can only ask a customer to be truthful in their review.

  • Keep the caliber of your product high and provide greater support. A delighted and content customer will unavoidably submit a positive review on the listing's page.

  • Keep your overall rating at 3.5 or higher.

  • have at least 15 legitimate customer reviews that are validated.

  1. Winning the Buy Box

Win the buy box if you want to be retail-ready. The tiny white box to the right is known as the "buy box." A buyer will specifically look at this area after he has made up his mind to purchase your product.

He or she only needs to click the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons. When you complete this task, you are said to have "earned the buy box." The more buy boxes you win, the better your overall sales performance will be. It also represents how well-liked your product is.

Buy box unavailability

Buy box availability

  • Apply FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).

  • Keep the pricing of your product reasonable.

  • Make sure to give your customers the greatest experience possible.

  1. Enhanced Brand Content

Since we're discussing the Amazon Retail Readiness Checklist, we can't ignore anything like Enhanced content. According to Amazon, better brand content can increase conversion rates from 8 to 20%.

Example of Bad A+ Content

Example of Good A+ Content

Both vendors and sellers have access to this choice. It is a fantastic option that enables sellers to alter it however they see fit.

  • Make sure your text is rich.

  • Make sure your pictures are high-definition.

  • Highlight the history of your brand.

  • Please provide some supplementary data.

Check sure your listing is 100% great to impress potential customers before you consider conducting effective marketing or promoting your products to drive a tonne of traffic. If your product evaluations are unfavorable, your photographs are blurry, your product description is inadequate, or no optimization has been done, it is pointless to raise a product's visibility through ads. This will severely reduce your conversion rate and completely squander your advertising spending.

Therefore, before considering marketing your items, make sure you take every necessary action to keep them lucrative and optimal.