Pre - Sale Best Practices:

  1. Ensure sufficient wallet balance - Ensure the account has enough balance for holidays + buffer days.

  2. Check for OOB campaigns - None of the campaigns should go Out of budget, they should have enough budget to run throughout the day.

  3. Back-up campaigns - Create a few backup campaigns which you can enable them to increase spends.

  4. Listing Hygiene - Make sure the catalog is complete with the best resolution images, strong titles, bullet points, video, A+ Pages, and product descriptions. This helps drive a large amount of traffic to your products. 

  5. Stock Availability - Keeping your stock levels of around 4X times your BAU days will help fuel the Sale days and thus will avoid sales opportunity loss.

  6. Availability of all sponsored ad tools - Ensure that all different types of ad formats campaigns are available in the account before the event.

  7. Visibility - Target the right audience using all possible ad formats, keeping a higher budget to your campaigns. Also, ensure that the moment the customer types a keyword, they see your product first.

  8. DOTDs & LDs - Offer more discounts than BAU days. Run festive deals and promotions: Amazon allows you to generate coupons, Lightning deals and promotions to make them look even more lucrative.

  9. Price Competitiveness - Offer a lower price to your customers than your competitors so that you can increase your sales further.

  10. Monitor Ad Spend and search behavior - The bid rates will be significantly higher compared to BAU (Business as Usual) days, thus the campaigns tend to spend faster. Taking judicious calls on spending money on high-quality and best-value proposition SKUs is extremely important.

  11. Launching new products -Time to bring up new selections before the sale and bring traction to them. Expanding your selections and launching before the event will help bring traction and have quick organic traffic. These new selections are likely to start to perform well during and post events.

  12. Competition Analysis - Also, keeping a track of competitors’ market share and paid media activity is very important to win market share.

Post Sale Best practices:

  1. Pause campaigns - Pause 25% campaigns (separately in prospect & retarget) - the ones with the lowest ROAS and less than 20% of total orders 

  2. Reduce Bids -Reduce bids by 15-30% based on your average ROAS

  3. Pause Products - For fashion clients, pause the non - performing  products through bulk 

  4. Reduce Budgets -Reduce budgets for active campaigns by 25-50% based on avg ROAS

As the festive season rolls in, use these strategies, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the sales for the Amazon business booming!. It is a great opportunity for us to make our products discoverable to customers and drive value for our business