What is a reserve order?

Amazon Reserve Order, or RO, is a document used by postpaid advertisers on Amazon. This document contains information regarding the funds that an advertiser wishes to utilise for Amazon Sponsored ads for a specified period of time. This is used as an alternative to Wallet Balance in postpaid accounts on Amazon.

How to upload a reserve order?

  1. Login to the AMS account and click on the tools icon on the left bar and click on ‘sponsored ads billing’

  1. Go to payment settings tab. Under payment settings, click on payment method.

  1. The following details need to be entered under the payment method section-

  1. RO Number: This refers to the unique identification number on each RO. It is available on the signed copy of the RO.

  2. RO Amount excluding GST: This is the amount for which the RO is to be raised. This will serve as the balance in the AMS account that can be used to run sponsored ads. This amount should match the amount mentioned on the signed copy of the RO.

  3. RO Start date: It refers to the date from which the funds can be utilised as per the RO.

  4. RO End date: In case the funds need to be exhausted in a specific time range, the RO end date should be the date post which the balance cannot be utilised. If there is no specified time period, “Disable End Date Option” can be chosen.

4. Once these details have been entered, upload a signed copy of the RO in PDF format and click on the submit RO button.

A signed and stamped RO should look like the below screenshot.

5. Once the RO has been uploaded, it will be approved by Amazon within 24-48 hours.

This can be checked in the payment settings tab, right below the RO details input fields.

How to Identify if an account operates on RO?

To identify if an account operated on RO, navigate to the sponsored ads billing section.

Under the billing tab, the dashboard will show balance available against current RO if the account uses requires RO upload to run ads.

Alternatively, the payment settings tab will also display a banner to upload RO like such

How the RO is procured?

Brand’s Amazon Account Managers will share the document. This will be shared in an excel workbook by the Brand. This workbook needs to be signed and converted to PDF format before uploading on Amazon.