How do I add specific placements in PerformanceMax for my luxury brand/luxury products?

We cannot add placements to be targeted in PerformanceMax. We can, however, exclude specific placements/placement lists at the account level by referring to the placement exclusion report.


Is it possible to prioritize a product/products over others within a PerformanceMax campaign?

This is not possible, but we can have a separate campaign targeting a single product/products for the purpose of prioritizing.


How do I decide the target ROAS for a new Performance Max campaign?

This is dependent on your ROAS expectation, but we can look at the current Last 30 Days account-level ROAS that you are receiving, or the performance of your current remarketing campaigns, whichever is higher.


Is there a way to exclude specific placements (Discovery/YouTube, for example), as a whole, from Performance Max placements?

We cannot exclude any Google owned and operated properties (Google Search, Shopping tab, YouTube Home Feed, Google Discover, Gmail)


Why is it not a best practice to use in-market audiences in the Performance Max signals? Wouldn’t adding remarketing data mean directing the campaign to said audiences, and thus we may not be able to get prospecting traffic?

Inmarket audiences do not necessarily equate to the ideal audience. When we use audience signals, we are trying to teach the campaign what the ideal converting audience looks like, so that the machine learning can take effect. The campaign’s actual reach goes beyond the signals. 


Thus, remarketing data would not lead to targeting specific audiences, as much as it would lead to targeting those similar to said audiences.