Amazon provides selective liberty on a few creatives we can use in campaigns to target our audience. Sponsored Brands & Display campaigns use creatives that exhibit your brand story & exclusive features.  This article will discuss creatives' best practices & specs. 

Video Guidelines

Sponsored Brand & Display video ads allow you to engage your customers by including compelling videos in your ads.

Do’s of sponsored brand video campaign:

  • Within a 3-sec time span product should be visible in the video.

  • Emphasize human touch in a video. Lifestyle use of the product should be focussed.

  • If the language of the video in Hindi, it should contain English subtitles.

  • Experiment with nano/micro-influencers or celebrity content to leverage their fan base.

  • Regularly update the videos according to topical events/ happenings.

  • Provide festive triggers during Diwali or Christmas.

Don’ts of sponsored brand video campaign:

  • Don’t redirect to the website or other CTA. It will lead to rejection

  • Don’t use blurry, unclear, or unrecognizable visuals.

  • Don’t use creative elements that interfere with the legibility of ad templates.  

  • Don’t use customer reviews (including star ratings) even if these reviews are on Amazon.

  •  Don’t show deals, discounts, or other savings promotions.

  •  Don’t use distracting images (for example, flashing, spinning, blinking, pulsating objects or text, or high-contrast transitions).

  •  Don’t use distracting, shrill, unexpected, violent, or jarring sounds. 

  •  Don’t use illegible text. The text must be big enough to be readable to the average customer. 

  •  Don’t use poor audio quality such as static, crackling, faint messages or low tone voices, fast-paced, inaudible, unclear, or unrecognizable sounds.

  •  Don’t use poor video quality and low resolution.

  •  Don’t use pressure, combative, or urgent language to elicit a click or a sale from the customer.

Video asset requirements and Specifications

Content guidelines -Examples 1 & 2

Videos must be suitable for general audiences and include your brand name, logo, or product that clearly represents the brand or product promoted. Videos must comply with Amazon policies, including Prohibited Content and Claims.

Go through our document here for the reasons for video rejection.

Custom images

Custom images allow you to include compelling images representing your products or brand in context or a lifestyle setting in your ad.

Do’s of sponsored brand image banner:

  • The image should be of high picture quality in the required pixel sizes. 

  • The image should be bright & clearly show all elements of the product.

  • Utilize the image to add a lifestyle angle to the product use case.

  • Make this image relatable to its viewers.

See below for image examples and How to build brand creatives to engage Amazon shoppers with more information.

Individual and multiple product images:

Don’ts of sponsored brand image banner:

  •  It should not be individual or multiple product images on a solid or transparent background.

  •  It should not be an individual brand logo or a combination of logos.

  •  It should not be one of your selected product images.

  •  It should not contain crowded, excessive, poorly cropped, or illegible elements.

  •  Contain additional text other than text naturally present in the image (such as on product packaging).

  •  It should not contain letterbox or pillar box formats.

Refer to the image specs here in our document.