Branded Content Ads 

Creators on Instagram can allow business partners to boost branded content. This means that when a creator partners with a business to create a branded content post or story, the creator can give their business partner permission to turn their content into an ad.

Branded content ads let you amplify content from a creator's handle, providing access to millions of consumers in addition to a creator's organic audience.

Advertisers will have the ability to reach people who are relevant to your business, beyond the creator's followers. Creators can also use Ads Manager to boost their branded content posts as Instagram ads.

Before you begin:

Set up branded content ads

To create a branded content ad:

  1. Go to Ads Manager and create an ad.

  2. Pick an objective that is available for branded content:

    • App Installs

    • Brand Awareness

    • Reach

    • Traffic

    • Video Views

    • Conversions

    • Page post engagement (feed only)

  3. Continue creating your ad.

    • At the audience step, set your targeting. Note: Businesses will have to use their own audience and can't specifically target a creator's list of followers for the advertisement.

    • At the Placements step, select Instagram feed, Stories or Explore.

  4. At the ad level, click on Use existing post. Here you'll see the list of available branded content posts and stories in the Creative section. If a creator has given you account-level permissions, your business has access to all of the creator's branded content posts and stories.

  5. Choose the branded content media that you want to boost. You'll be able to have your ad delivered on all Instagram placements (Feed, Stories and Explore); if you accidentally selected incompatible placements, you'll have the option to remove them.

  6. When you select the existing branded content post, you may see options to optimise the post.

    • Here, you can tick the box to have your ad automatically delivered from a creator handle (in paid partnership with the brand) or with the brand handle (in paid partnership with the creator), based on which account people are most likely to respond to. This is only available for the Traffic and Conversions objectives.

  7. You'll see a preview of your ad. Then, finish creating your ad and click Confirm.

Once you've created your ad, it will be reviewed by Meta and you'll be notified when it's been approved. The ad will then appear in the Instagram feeds of the audience you chose. You won't be able to manage or delete likes and comments that appear on the boosted branded content post.

Performance Snapshot of Branded Content Ads

Below are some references of Branded Content Ads run by brands like Bliss club and House of Rare.