Advantage Plus Campaigns Creation from AdYogi 

Advantage+ shopping campaigns leverage machine learning to help you reach valuable audiences with less setup time and greater efficiency. These campaigns are  designed to be the most efficient solution for performance-focused advertisers looking to drive online sales as it requires fewer inputs during campaign creation, simplifies audience options and streamlines the creative management process.

You can now create Advantage Plus Campaigns directly from the AdYogi dashboard! 

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the +Create button and select Campaign > Facebook Campaign

  • Choose Advantage Plus under the campaign objective setup and enter basic campaign details, campaign name and click on create my campaign.

It's worth noting that Advantage Plus doesn't allow you to specify the targeting, but you can choose how much of your budget you want to spend on retargeting. This can be decided by selecting audiences under account settings in Facebook.

In case you want to add new audiences, click on the create button and make it as the normal custom audience.

Now, at the adset creation stage, give the name to the adset and add the budget as per the requirement, choose the relevant country and select the budget type according to the objective. Now, next step is to specify the retargeting budget share. Enter the required split between prospecting and retargeting and click on create adset.

Ideally, not more than two advantage plus should be set up (segregation can be on the basis of gender)

Caution - In case, two campaigns are set up, and a custom audience is selected in either one, both campaigns will have those audiences selected for retargeting. However, the prospecting-retargeting split we can decide.

Next, choose the ads you want to push in the campaign and populate them. The campaign is ready to go live!

Performance Snapshot of Advantage Plus Campaigns in some brands.

In both the screenshots, it is clearly visible that advantage plus campaigns are performing better than other prospecting campaigns for the respective accounts.