1. Which Geography to get started with?

  • Depending on the brand's preference, decide on only one geography in the beginning. For Example the United States, Australia, UAE, etc
  • Do not plan to start with multiple geographies with a small budget 

2. How to align with the pricing?

  • Compare the competitor pricing in the market
  • Take into consideration the total cost that is incurring on international shipping and marketing
  • Decide the pricing so that there is break-even or profit and not incurring losses
  • Use currency converter if you decide to use the same prices as India

3. Can I use the same website or do I need a separate website?

  • While starting campaigns in the international markets you might have to price your products differently considering various factors of that particular region
  • If your website currency converter allows you to use smart rules by having different prices for different regions than directly converting the existing price then you can use the same website 
  • Else not consider having a different website 
  • In case, you are considering to have a different website, make sure it is a different domain (& not a sub-domain). Since Facebook has made Domain Verification a mandatory process & sub-domain can not be verified, it is important that your new website for International Marketing should be on a different domain entirely.
  • Ensure to turn ON the redirection, in case you are using two different website. This will help make sure international users are not landing on the domestic website. (Considering the fact that the prices will be different across domestic & global website, it will tamper the brand's image.)

4. How do I deliver products outside India? Shipping from India or warehouse in another geography?

  • Products can be delivered outside India using international shipping services present in India 
  • In case of shipping from India, clearly mention the number of days taken to deliver the products 
  • In the case of high budget clients warehouse in another geography can also be set up to deliver the products
  • There will be no significant marketing impact in either of the methods 

5. Which payment gateway is to be used?

  • Paypal/Razorpay payment gateway is highly recommended for International transactions 
  • PayPal express checkout can also be integrated
  • Cash on Delivery is mandatory for the Middle East region
  • The option of Cash on Delivery is not required for the UK, US, Canada, Australia 

6. Which Platform do we start with?

  • It is recommended to start with both Facebook and Google campaigns simultaneously to drive both custom and intent audience to the website  
  • Running ads on both platforms together will drive better sales 

7. What are the Catalog, Ad account, and Pixel requirements?

  • A separate Catalog is required for the new geography mentioned in the local currency
  • The same Ad account can be used for different geographies 
  • Facebook recommends only one pixel per site, hence if it's a new website then-new pixel is needed else not we can use the same pixel if the website remains the same  
  • New Adyogi Signup is needed to get started with international campaigns on the Adyogi platform with a new catalog and the price of the products in the local currency


8. What will be my approximate cost of customer acquisition?

  • The CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) on Facebook is x4 times higher in the United States, Australia, UAE, etc as compared to India 
  • The CPA will be 4x timed to what we are getting in India 
  • Therefore Cost per sale also varies from brand to brand. Rough estimates are - Minimum 20$ Cost per sale for a 95$ product and 220$ Cost per sale for a 500$ product

9. What is the minimum budget to start with?

  • The recommended budget to start with is at least Rs. 300,000 per month for one geography so that enough amount can be spent to get the relevant audiences to the website

10. How much time will it take for me to start seeing some results?

  • The campaigns need to run for at least 4 weeks to test the particular geography 
  • We can expect transactions on the website only after 4 weeks of campaigns going live
  • The time frame for better performance will be around 3 months 

11. What else can be done apart from starting ad campaigns?