Performance Max is a campaign to derive machine learning based conversions across Google Search, GDN, YouTube, Discover, YouTube, and Gmail, while also generating keyword suggestions for Search campaigns.  

The impact is to strengthen Google campaigns by having image, text, video and catalog assets work in parallel to generate revenues.

This is the step by step guide for creating a Brand Search Campaign from the Adyogi Platform:

1. Create a New Performance Max Campaign-

Click on the Launcher button on the top & Once Create window pops up as shown in the below screenshot, select Google Performance Max Campaign under Campaign head.


2.  Once you click on the Google Performance Max campaign button, you will land on the screen as shown below, where you will be able to create a campaign & ad group.

 3.  Campaign Details: 

Add a daily budget you are comfortable spending on your ads. The Minimum recommended budget is INR 1000-2000. Select the Desired Bid Strategy from the drop-down and Click on 'Create'.

4. Once, the campaign's details are filled, you will need to select the type of asset group based on the requirement you have. Click on 'Create Asset'.

  • Pmax Campaign with Listing Group Only: Here, the ads are served only on the shopping tab by fetching the products' information from the feed on your Merchant Center. You do not need to add the assets here, which means that the ads won't be delivered in Google Display Network, Discover, YouTube, Search, etc. 
  • Pmax Campaign with Assets and Listing Group: You can add Headlines, Descriptions along with images. Ads will display on all Google Networks.

The Process of Creating Pmax Campaign with Assets and Listing Group is explained below:

A. Selecting the Listing Groups:

You can choose to target either all of your products that are there in the product catalog/feed or you can choose to target specific product categories here. You can even exclude specific categories by selecting the 'Exclude Product Categories'. 

Then select the Audience to target.

 B. Selecting Audience:

We recommend adding Custom Intent Keywords relating to Brand, Competitors, Generic Keywords based on Category along with the retargeting audiences. Click on '+Create New Audience' to add your Custom Intent Keywords. 

Add your Keywords and Create the Custom Intent segment. Select the Gender that you want to target. 

C. Adding Assets: 

Provide the images, headlines, descriptions and Landing Page URL. and YouTube Links

One image of each dimension is to be shared along with the logo.

D. Create the campaign after naming the Asset Group.

For a Pmax campaign with Listing Group Only, only the product category needs to be added

After the asset group is created, click on Finis