Amazon: Effective listing page components

Creating an effective Amazon product listing can make the difference between the failure or success of your Amazon product.

Shoppers on Amazon use product listing pages to make a purchase. As a result, how well you create the product listing will determine the level of success for your products on Amazon. For the seller, your product listings are essentially your storefront. Product listings must also be Optimized for Amazon's search engine through keywords, as well as for your customers through quality visuals and copywriting.

What is Amazon Product Listing? Why its optimization is important?
Amazon product listings perform several important functions in your business. It allows your products to be found in Amazon searches by customers. Product listing also encourages Amazon shoppers to purchase your products relative to your competitors.

An optimized product listing will comprise of: 

  • Compelling product title enriched with high volume keywords

  • Engaging and detailed product description with relevant keywords

  • Visually appealing highly-optimized images, videos, and other media

  • Customer reviews and ratings

It contains all the necessary details that a customer needs to know about the product. Also, required to get traffic and conversion.

Few Parameters to optimize your listing are:

  1. Product Title- When it comes to product titles, Amazon has a 250 character limit, which is around 50 words. The best advice is to use up ALL of it, or at least make sure you’re able to maximize the character count as best as you can. 

  • Make sure to add focus keywords to the title. 

  • Add extra value Include the product’s unique selling point (at least one feature will do)

  • Make sure it actually looks appealing to the buyers as well!

To get an idea of what a good, high-performing title looks like, let’s check out BoAT: 


Also, this is how an ineffective listing looks like:

  1. Product Description- A blend of both creativity and optimization helps to sell more. Give descriptive and factual information highlighting the features. Information like- Brand name, model number, series should not be missed. Min length is 1000 characters. Giving you an example of boat Airdropes. For this section, it is best to reiterate the features and benefits in the bullet points.

  2. Product Features- Use bullet points not more than five to write the features rather than chunks of texts or large paragraphs. The bullet points must include every important feature that distinguishes you from your competitors. Keep it interesting and convincing enough for a buyer to make a purchase.

  1. Number of Product images- Make sure that your product images are clear and high quality to help you convert. Amazon allows you to upload 9 images, but it recommends you to stay around 5 – 6 & occupy 80% of the space with no texts. Specs- Jpeg file with 72 px/inch along with minimum size of 1000 px.

  1. Videos- Videos can be added through A+ content manager provided you are brand registered. It helps in convincing shoppers to make purchases. No texts to be mentioned in videos.

There are 3 types of videos that one can create.

  • Product highlighter video: This type of video is clean, simple, and features completely on the product. They are usually a 360° video with the product on a plain, white background.

  • Product Explanatory Video: This type of video is of impeccable quality with an engaging script and explains the benefits of using the product.

  • Customer experience video: These videos give realistic ways to help shoppers to comprehend the product.  

Specifications: Aspect ratio- 16:9, Ideal Resolution- 1280x720, Video recording should be in RGB color profile with 300 DPI, Format (MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP).

  1. Product Ratings- The reviews of a product have an immense impact on the ratings. They go hand in hand with each other, thus if you want to make sure that your rating is high then you should focus not only on producing quality products but also on having good customer service and responding quickly to any complaints or problems they might be facing as well!

  2. Manage Product Reviews- Mostly online shoppers rely on product reviews. Hence, it’s important to encourage your customers – and leave their honest opinions about the products you offer.

    This process also takes time and is mostly about delivering high-quality products and an excellent level of service. Communicate with your customers about their order regularly and read customer reviews, particularly the bad ones. It can be difficult but bad reviews highlight where you can improve and add value to your future customers.

  3. Amazon Brand Store- It is a free content feature for vendors and sellers that lets you create your own branded online store on Amazon and showcase a collection of your products. It provides a great shopping experience for buyers. You get to maintain your brand reputation on the world’s most popular marketplace.

Best Practices:  Having a good brand store can significantly boost your organic rankings on Amazon SERP. So here we go with the best practices:

With Stores, You can pick your design from a wide range of templates with different store layouts as well as customizable features just to ensure that your brand looks its “best” to the shoppers.

- You can feature or highlight a handpicked/dynamic collection of products with optional and impressive multimedia content to improve the shopping experience of your customers.

- Use top banner effectively to convey your brand story / USP / New launches / offers

- Products to be categorized properly to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

- Create pages for every category and add content tiles and products to every page. Amazon Stores lets you create multiple pages (3 levels maximum) for showcasing your brand as well as products. You can customize the shopping experience depending on what your business needs.

We have a set of templates to choose from, you don’t have to know coding or programming to create one. You can use text, images, and videos to promote your brand and items for free on Amazon without writing a line of code.

By cleaning up your Amazon product listings, you can drive more traffic, improve your conversions, and achieve the growth you’ve been dreaming about.