Search Campaigns

  • Add Black Friday Sale headline in existing running Search Ads

  • Add Sitelink Extension at Account Level

  • Use Promotions in GMC & in Google Ads 

    Performance Max Campaigns 

    • Update all Assets in existing campaigns with Black Friday sale creatives

    • If we are running only a listing campaign try to create a new Pmax campaign with Assets only or if we’re restricted with budget create a new assets group in the existing Pmax with only assets 

    • Try to Scale Pmax Campaign or lower down the TROAS till sunday so the campaign can spend more and didn't get limited by budget. 

    • Add Black Friday Custom Audience for better audience signals 

    • Keyword list link - Black friday Keywords 

      Demand Gen/Youtube Campaigns

      • Create single image & Carousel Ads with Black friday creatives 

      • Try to get Video & Start pusing budgets on them 

      • Start enabling Product Feed in the existing Campaigns