Kindly refer to the following steps to create a New Google Analytics Account, GA 4 Property.

Login to with a email id under which you want to have GA

Following are the steps 

Step 1

Fill in the Account name as your brand name. Here you can type in an account name of your choice. click on Next once ypu have marked all the boxes

Step 2

Fill in the property name as your brand name and choose the countries and currency details that are applicable

Step 3

Choose the relevant industry category or shopping along with the applicable business size.

Step 4
Under businessobjective mark the first four boxes and click on proceed

Based on the applicability choose the country and click on agree to the google terms and conditions

Step 5

Website - Click on web and proceed by entering the website details and create the stream

Above these five core steps are the key to set up the GA 4 account , property and the stream.