The CTR of an ad creative is the combined result of the audience we are targeting and the look and feel of the ad. If your CTR is dropping despite the targeting remaining the same the points given below can help help in improving the CTR:

  • Try to update the ads with low CTR on a regular basis (every 3-5 days).
  • Try some new and more engaging ad texts.
  • Create a solid offer behind your ad. For example- Giving them a coupon code such as "CART10" with additional 10% discount may help your CTR as well as your overall conversions. Users will browse your site for longer when they know that they can avail an additional discount, this may lead to higher conversions. 
  • Make sure your products are clearly visible in the ads.  

If your CTR starts dropping after significant changes in the targeting, you may want to revisit your targeting.

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