CTR indicates how many links clicks you've received on your ad compared to how many impressions your ad received. It's a common metric used by online advertisers to understand how ads are driving traffic to websites and other destinations. 

The CTR of ad creative is the combined result of the audience we are targeting and the look and feel of the ad. If your CTR is dropping despite the targeting remaining the same the points given below can help in improving the CTR:

  • Try to update the ads with low CTR on a regular basis (every 3-5 days). The human mind is prone to notice new changes & their attention can be captured only when we refresh the ads on a frequent basis. When we talk about updating the ads, it can be updated in a number of ways. You can read the same here.
  • Try some new and more engaging ad texts. It is always recommended that you keep on trying with better ad texts on a frequent basis because this is generally the second most seen thing by the audience after your Ad image. Keeping it new & engaging will only make sure you are getting that click from the customers.

           For an instance, you can create a sense of urgency in your ad text to help boost CTR:

Or talk about your promotions & offers you are running currently in the ad texts.

  • Create a solid offer behind your ad. For example- Giving them a coupon code such as "CART10" with an additional 10% discount may help your CTR as well as your overall conversions. Users will browse your site for longer when they know that they can avail of an additional discount, this may lead to higher conversions. Or talking about your Clearance Sale (or any other sale), etc will make sure that the CTR jumps up further.


  • Make sure your products are clearly visible in the ads. A lot of times it may happen that the audience are not able to figure out what exactly is your brand selling. Or even if they figure it out, the ad doesn't show the products clearly. This may create a bad impressions & the audience might scroll past your ads by then.
  • Make your Ads visually appealing. The saying ''beauty demads second look'' stands tall when we talk about the CTR in Facebook Ads. The more visually appealing your Ad looks, the better will be chances of having a good number of clicks. The idea is to make people intrigued & connect with your ads.
  • Consider running Single Video Ads or Single Image (Newfeed Ads) wherever applicable to boost your CTR. Generally, as a tried & tested practice, we have noticed that the CTR in Single Video Creative Format & Single Image Creative Format is usually on the higher side. 
  • Make the most out of Facebook's split testing to understand what ad format or what kind of ad texts are giving you a better CTR. Once we have the learning in hand, we can implement the same across all our ads to see a jump in the CTR.
  • Your Ad should justify the price. In case your product is priced 10,000 for a piece of shirt, you have to justify why exactly your shirt costs so much throigh your Ad copies. If the ad fails to justify the prioce, the number of people clicking on such ads would be less.
  • Choose the right creative format for your brand. For example: In case of Health & Wellness industry, carousel ads or single image ads would never give you the type of CTR that a video ad would do. So we have to make sure we are using the right creative format in accordance with what we are selling.

PS: If your CTR starts dropping after significant changes in the targeting, you may want to revisit your targeting.

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